Famous Folks

Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) – Depression/Alcoholism.  Served as chairman of the National                           Mental Health Association.

Roseanne  Barr (Actress/Comedian) – Depression.  Used antidepressants and                                           psychotherapy after being diagnosed with depression in 1994.

Kim Basinger (Actress) – Panic Disorder/Social phobia/Depression.  Had her first panic                        attack in the middle of a grocery store.  Her panic attacks were so terrible that                        she developed agoraphobia and depression as a result.

Terry Bradshaw (Quarterback/Football) – Clinical Depression/Anxiety.  Began taking                             antidepressants in the late 90’s.  Speaks out about mental illness publicly.

Marlon Brando (Actor) – Depression.  Experienced chronic depression throughout his                           life.

Delta Burke (Actress) – Depression.  Called her struggle with depression “lifelong” and                             said even as a teen she had trouble.

Earl Campbell (Football/Athlete) – Panic disorder.  Documented his personal struggle                             in “The Earl Campbell Story: A Football Greats Battle With Panic Disorder”.

Drew Carey (Comedian) – Depression/Alcoholism.  Said he suffered through a long                                   depression, and at 18 and again in his 20’s, attempted suicide.

Jim Carrey (Actor) – Depression.  Openly discussed his history of depression and being                           on Prozac on “60 Minutes” in 2004.

Dick Clark (TV Personality) – Depression.  Talked about his experience with depression                           in the book “On the Edge of Darkness”.

Dick Cavett (TV Personality) – Depression.  He underwent electroconvulsive therapy for                         his lifelong depression, claiming that it was “miraculous”.

Pat Conroy (Writer) – Depression.  Battled depression his whole life and suffered a                                   setback when his schizophrenic brother committed suicide.

Sheryl Crow (Singer/Songwriter) – Social phobia/Anxiety/Depression.  Spoke about her                         lifelong chronic mental illness.  “It’s a part of who I am.  It is constantly there.                         I just know how, at this point, to sort of manage it.”

Ellen DeGeneres (Comedienne) – Depression.  Suffered a three year long depression                               starting in 1987.  She refers to them as “the dark days”.

John Denver (Singer/Songwriter) – Depression/Alcoholism.  Most of his songs written                            before the 80’s were born out of his feelings of depression and are some of his                         most famous works.

Johnny Depp (Actor) – Panic Disorder/Social Anxiety.  The actor doesn’t speak about                               this very often, but his struggles with panic disorder are well known.

Princess Diana (Princess of Wales) – Depression/Bulimia.  Lived with bulimia and                                   experienced bouts of depression.

Charles Dickens (Writer) – Depression.  His depression was documented in the book                               “Key to Genius”.

Sally Field (Actress) – Anxiety Disorder/Social Phobia.  States she still dreads any social                           events, “I couldn’t take it.  I’d have an anxiety attack.”  Although she still                                   struggles today, she has managed to find to keep on going.

Harrison Ford (Actor) – Depression.  He suffered severe depression in his youth and                               credits signing up for drama class where he overcame all of his fears.

Audrey Hepburn (Actress) – Depression.  Reportedly she battled this illness for most of                         her life.

Janet Jackson (Singer) – Depression.  Has chronically suffered from depression,                                       especially for the two years preceding the release of “Velvet Rope”.

Billy Joel (Singer) – Depression/Alcoholism.  Experienced serious depression and                                      admitted himself into a hospital for treatment after a suicide attempt.

Scarlett Johansson (Actress) – Anxiety/Panic Disorder.  Has suffered from severe                                   anxiety and panic attacks.

Larry King (Talk Show Host) – Depression.  After battling depression himself, he helped                         change our perceptions about mental illness over the 25 year course of his                               show.

Heath Ledger (Actor) – Depression/Drug Abuse.  Prior to his death, Ledger battled                                  depression and drug abuse.

David Letterman (Talk Show Host) – Depression.  After dealing with crippling                                        depression, he spoke out about it in order to help stop the stigma attached to                          mental illness.

Abraham Lincoln (President) – Depression/Anxiety.  His first major depression                                      happened in his early 20’s and he struggled with it for the remainder of his                              life, in addition to anxiety attacks.

Greg Louganis (Olympic Diver) – Depression.  He first experienced depression when he                        was 12 and later attempted suicide twice.  Publicly speaks about his battles.

Rosie O’Donnell (Comedienne) – Depression.  Says her depression started to improve                           when she was 37 and began taking medication.

Donny Osmond (Performer) – Panic/Anxiety disorder/Social phobia/Depression.  One                         of the few celebrities that has disclosed his diagnosis publicly, he is now an                             honorary member of the ADAA.

J.K. Rowling (Author) – Depression.  Depression hit after her first marriage broke down                       after two years.  She credits writing her first Harry Potter novel with helping                           her overcome the depression.

Leann Rimes (Singer) – Anxiety.  As recently as the middle of 2012, she was admitted                             into a treatment facility for severe anxiety and stress.

Winona Ryder (Actress) – Depression/Panic attacks.  Says she had panic attacks                                     starting at 12 and ended up in a psychiatric clinic at 19 for treatment of severe                         depression.

Brooke Shields (Actress) – Postpartum Depression.  Suffered from severe postpartum                          depression after the birth of her two sons.  Public advocate for mental health.

Emma Stone (Actress) – Panic Disorder.  Dealt with numerous panic attacks to the point                      she developed agoraphobia.

Barbra Streisand (Singer) – Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Social Anxiety.  She was so                        severe that she was not seen by people for almost 30 years since she chose not                        to be seen in public.  She was able to deal with it and regain her singing career                        for just a short period of time.  Said she battled clinical depression in the past                        with her career saving her from “going under”.

Mike Wallace (Newscaster) – Depression.  Diagnosed with clinical depression in 1984.                         He experienced severe depressive episodes and attempted suicide, but he                                 overcame this with therapy and antidepressant medication.

Emma Thompson (Actress) – Depression.  Speaking publicly on depression, she urged                       those who suffer depression to seek treatment.

Ricky Williams (Football/Athlete) – Social Anxiety Disorder.  Heisman trophy winner                        was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

Robin Williams (Actor) – Depression/Anxiety/Alcoholism.  He struggled with mental                        health and addiction until his suicide at age 63 after recently being diagnosed                        with Parkinson’s Syndrome.

Tammy Wynette (Country Singer) – Depression.  Received electroconvulsive therapy for                    her depression.

Boris Yeltsin (President of Russia) – Depression/Alcoholism.  Suffered from depression                    and used drinking to try to reduce his problems, causing periodic                                                disappearances while being president.  Ended up a political outcast, mainly due                    to the fact that he was not in a condition to be in power of the nation’s nuclear                        force.

These are just a few of the many well-known people who deal with mental illness.  There are many more that could be on this list.  Just know that you are not alone!